11 Indian AI Startups Making Waves

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly altering businesses worldwide, and India is no exception. A new wave of Indian AI startups is making a significant impact by addressing difficulties and developing creative solutions across multiple sectors. The government of India has also approved an investment of Rs. 10,300 Crores into the India AI mission to develop AI models. In this blog, we will look at eleven such startups that are pushing the boundaries of AI and influencing the future of technology in India.

AI startups to look out for…

1. Personalized Beauty with Orbo AI

ai startup Orbo.ai

Customer acquisition costs can be high for beauty and personal care firms. This is where Mumbai-based AI startup – Orbo AI, founded in 2019, comes to the rescue with its virtual cosmetics and hair styling technologies. This AI-powered technology enables customers to try on multiple looks virtually, resulting in more informed purchases and lower business acquisition costs.

2. The All-in-One AI Shop: Models Lab

ai startup Models Lab

Building an AI product can be complicated, requiring access to multiple APIs. Models Lab simplifies the process by providing a one-stop shop for all of your AI requirements. They provide a complete API framework that allows developers to easily build and deploy AI applications. The bootstrapped Models Lab is looking to invest 1M dollars into building its own AI data center to make its entire operation even more efficient.

3. Making Dubbing Seamless with Neural Garage

ai startup Neural Garage(VisualDub)

Watching dubbed content might be disorienting owing to mismatched facial expressions. The Bengaluru-based AI startup, Neural Garage addresses this issue using their “visual dub” technique. This AI solution employs patent-pending technology to ensure dubbed content appears natural and authentic, hence improving the viewing experience. Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Coca-Cola have already used their technology to create localized ads.

4. Saving Money and the Environment with Niqo Robotics

ai startup Niqo Robotics

Pesticides are heavily used in agriculture, but their abuse can be detrimental to the environment and costly to farmers. Bengaluru-based AI startup, Niqo Robotics uses AI to create precise spraying solutions. Their method improves pesticide use, reduces waste, and saves up to 90% of farmers’ money spent on pesticides.

5. Democratizing AI for Indian Languages with Sarvam AI

ai startup Sarvam AI

Large language models, such as OpenAI, are great tools, but they can be prohibitively expensive, particularly for Indian languages. Chennai-based AI startup Sarvam AI, which started in 2023, attempts to close this gap by developing fine-tuned big language models tailored to Indian languages. This would make AI technology more accessible and encourage the creation of fundamental models for Indian languages.

6. Automating Hiring with Babble Bots

ai startup Sarvam ai

The hiring procedure can be expensive, time-consuming, and inefficient. Mumbai-based AI startup BabbleBots.ai started in 2022 and uses AI-powered recruitment to streamline the process. Their intelligent chatbots can schedule conversations with candidates, conduct interviews, and shortlist the most promising individuals, allowing HR professionals to focus on more important responsibilities.

7. Create Content with Your Own Digital Avatar Using Unscript AI

ai startup Unscript AI

Imagine having a digital version of oneself that can generate content! The Bengaluru-based AI startup Unscript AI, founded in 2021, makes it a reality. Their software enables you to create your own digital avatar and train it using your movies and voice. This avatar can then be used to generate personalized content for a variety of uses. This technology can also be used to create movies, but the startup is currently more focused on marketing use cases, enabling businesses to increase their conversion rates by creating personalized videos at scale.

8. AI-powered Diagnostics with Qure.ai

ai startup Qure.ai

Accurate and quick diagnosis is critical in healthcare. Mumbai-based AI startup Qure.ai, founded in 2016, uses artificial intelligence to automatically interpret X-rays and CT scans in under 1 minute. This system creates thorough information for radiologists, which could lead to speedier diagnoses and better patient outcomes. Today Qure.ai’s AI healthcare solution has helped more than 1.6 Crore patients across 85+ countries in the world.

9. Krutrim AI: Building Generative AI for Indian Languages

ai startup Krutrim AI

Bengaluru-based AI startup Krutrim AI, founded in 2023 is an emerging star on the Indian AI scene. Often touted to be India’s first AI unicorn, they are currently constructing big language models for Indian languages. This allows for a greater spectrum of AI applications targeted to the Indian market. Despite the controversies regarding the authenticity of its foundational model, the company claims that its chatbot is better than GPT 4 in Indian languages.

10. InsurStaq: Revolutionizing Insurance Research

ai startup InsurStaq

Navigating insurance policies can be tricky. Delhi-based AI startup InsurStaq, founded in 2022, uses generative AI to provide a robust search engine for insurance professionals. This platform helps them to swiftly and easily obtain solutions to difficult insurance concerns, hence streamlining the insurance research process. This innovative startup is supported by Nvidia’s Inception Program and Microsoft for startups as well.

11. Royalty-Free Music with BeatOven.ai

ai startup BeatOven.ai

Content creators may face financial and time constraints when producing high-quality music. Bengaluru-based AI startup, BeatOven, founded in 2021, provides a solution through its AI-powered music-generating platform. They generate royalty-free music for content creators to utilize in their videos and other projects, saving them both time and money. The platform also provides a chat prompt to cater to some specific needs that the content creator might have. An interesting fact to know about this startup is that they have managed to get over 600,000 users without spending a single dollar on marketing.


These eleven startups reflect only a fraction of the fascinating advancements in Indian AI. As AI technology advances, we should anticipate India to produce even more inventive solutions that solve global concerns and shape the future of AI.

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